The AN-RO Ruha Ltd. began developing its own bullet-proof tactical carriers in 2006 using its ten-year experience in co-operation with Technological Management of the Development and Logistical Agency of the Ministry of Defence. Our own products meet the strictest requirements of both Hungarian and international standards (NIJ Std. 0101.03; MSZ-K 1114-1:1999).These products of ours are among the best, we have successfully utilized our staff’s 20-year experience in textile industry. For achieving the appropriate protection levels we have done serious engineering-designing work. Our company can produce any kind of tactical carriers in best quality regarding the customer’s needs. We can manufacture unique, even tailor-made products.

We are suppliers of the Hungarian Post, for which we supply PVC and leather bags as the winner of a public tender. We supply small leather and textile products, e.g. spray-cases, handcuff-cases, kit-bags etc., for the Hungarian Police. For leather products we use mainly thick leather. We also manufacture different bags and cases made of textile, leather and artificial leather.We have experience in manufacturing car seat covers, seat drapes; we have all the machines needed for such products.

We have a remarkable production capacity for manufacturing tarps and tents. We produce stitched as well as welded tents. Within tarp products we have a design protection for tarps for military vehicles. Currently we manufacture unique vehicle tarps and trailer covers. We can produce waterproof tents for frameworks of a given size meeting the customer’s requirements. We have had a common innovation with the Hungarian Army in the field of different tents, we have co-operated in the fabrication of a microbiological mobile tent used in healthcare, which within the NATO only the Hungarian Army has.