The AN-RO Ruha Ltd. was founded in 1993, it has five owners, all of them Hungarian individuals. At the time of the foundation the main activity of the company was business counselling, which has been extended by the fabrication of textile garments and other activities of processing industry.

Currently our main activity is the fabrication of different bullet-proof tactical carriers both of martial and concealed type for a German partner in pure lease-work. In recent years we have manufactured more than 60,000 tactical carriers a year. These products are put on the market by our partners for military, police and other security companies in the UK, in Germany and in North-European countries.

The executive and production management has several decades of experience in manufacturing so-called technical garment products. The manpower is stable. Besides Hungarian manpower we have some Slovakian employees as well, we can solve the maximums of capacity with the help of sub-contractors, who have been the same for years. A number of our employees have risen from 2 at the beginning to 91 now.

We have a licence for military industrial activity and we are among the first companies manufacturing these kinds of products in Hungary that have introduced the quality control system ISO 9001 and AQAP 2110:2009. It is a great help for achieving high quality that we have extensive knowledge and experience in engineering.

The Ltd. has been profitable since 1994, for the 12 years of functioning it has accumulated a fortune of nearly 100 million HUF. Our finances are well-balanced, we have no debts to suppliers neither public dues.

Our machinery is appropriate for manufacturing heavy textiles, tents and tarps. We have hot-air welding machines, a special stitching and interlock machine and a welding machine suitable for making water-proof seam. We have continuously maintained and developed our machinery

We have manufactured bullet-proof tactical carriers as a sub-contractor providing the Hungarian army, police and other security companies with these products for decades.